Grilling is an art form

Wi Ounsa from Thailand is the head chef at THE TARV Grill House.

“Our equipment is an elegant fusion of grills and ovens,” she says. “We get a lot of additional gastronomic goodies from the firewood – the characteristic flavour, the aroma and the juiciness. And the hard, tropical charcoal, which comes from Cuba, is easy to ignite, doesn’t emit any smoke and burns for a long time giving that unmistakably delicious grill aroma.”

Dry-aged beef

“The dry-ageing process changes the beef significantly,” says Wi. “The process starts with the moisture being evaporated from the muscle. This creates a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. The beef’s natural enzymes then break down the connective tissue in the muscle, resulting in more tender beef with an exquisite mature taste.”

Beef from Gutrei Galicia

“These steaks come from the Galicia region in northwestern Spain,” says the head chef. “Roxad’ouro was the first beef from cattle that received the highest quality certificate in Galicia. During slaughter, every part of the animal’s body is registered to ensure that the end user will enjoy the highest-quality beef. Galician steaks have a characteristic line of fat which gives it an unusually delicate taste and succulence.

Galloway beef fillet steaks

Named after the Galloway region in southwestern Scotland, Galloway cattle is the world’s oldest beef cattle. The breed itself dates back to before Christ, but in the 18th century it was developed, and a breed registry was established. Belted Galloway contains very little saturated fat and has exquisite marbling, resulting in exceptionally tender and tasty meat.

Greater Omaha rib eye

Since 1920, Greater Omaha in Nebraska has been renowned for its beef products. From pasture to plate, this type of beef consistently meets the highest quality requirements. The ribeye is the tastiest steak cut you can imagine. The thick marbling is what makes the taste stand out from other steak cuts. This steak is ideally prepared on a medium-hot grill and served medium rare, says head chef Wi Ounsa.